Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crop Circles All Around

There is nothing like being in an airplane and flying over states like Nebraska, Colorado and others with pivot irrigation. All one can see is what looks like a never ending pattern of crop circles. Only these circles aren't created by aliens but by our self propelled rain making machines.

Years like 2012 are the type that make me very very grateful for irrigation and at times cause me to curse it as well. Without it there wouldn't be a crop to speak of around us as these pictures show.
Neighbor's rainfed field which hasn't had much rain

Field with ability to irrigate

This year some of these fields that don't have irrigation will be lucky to raise any sort of crop.

But why would I want to curse it at times? Murphy's law goes into affect when it is hot, humid and dry. This is the time that anything could go wrong on a pivot will. And it usually happens when the walk to get to the pivot is the longest. Or the tree branch that I swore was only a couple feet long suddenly grows to catch something on the pivot and wreaks all sorts of havoc to a machine that can cost over $100,000.

But in central Nebraska whether I am raising corn, soybeans or even Monsanto's Obsession II sweet corn for my family, my brother's family and my mom and dad irrigation is needed to make sure we have the best crop we can.

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